Attention, current and aspiring athletes: you may want to add this to your summer agenda. TAS is now introducing TAS Elite Summer Sports Camps for all Middle and Upper School students this coming summer.
After beginning a new program for basketball last year, the Athletics Department now seeks to expand the program to other major sports in TAS, unveiling the Summer Sports Camp as a first step. This year, the Summer Sports Camps will only include volleyball, soccer, cross country and basketball as the Athletics Department intends to extend the new program to first season sports first.
Volleyball, soccer and cross country camps will run from August 1st to August 5th while the basketball camp is only one day on August 6th. The camps will be taught by TAS varsity coaches, professional coaches, and elite players, such as members of the Taiwanese national team. Each camp will have 2 sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, and the sessions will be divided by gender. The cross country camp will only have one session from early morning to noon.
Beyond the basic given information of the camps, these camps also offer other advantages that may not immediately pop into mind. Getting instruction and training from various different coaches and players will be critical for athletes trying to improve their skills in their respective sport. Also, aside from the fundamentals that athletes will learn in the camps, the students also get to enjoy the social aspect of the camps. Each camp provides a platform for complex social interaction, allowing athletes to familiarize themselves with other athletes and build team rapport and chemistry for future competitive seasons, which will create synergy within the program.
TAS will also look into expanding the summer camps to other sports in the future. However, due to renovations taking place within TAS and limited facility spaces available for use, the summer camps provided this year are only able to extend to four sports, including every sport in first season. As the years progress, however, the Athletics Department hopes to include all major sports in these summer camps with hopes of improving TAS’s athletic teams and making the teams more competitive in the future.
This is an opportunity that athletes do not want to miss out on this summer, especially for volleyball, soccer or basketball players. Registration is already open and the camps are filled on the first-come, first-serve basis, so if you are interested, register through the school website!