On Jan. 30, the winners for Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were announced. The awards were established in 1923, to provide opportunities for talented students in writing and art from grades seven to 12. The writing section of the contest includes a wide range of genres including critical essay, dramatic script, flash fiction, humor, journalism, novel writing, personal essay and memoir, poetry, science fiction and fantasy, short story, and writing portfolio. The art section includes architecture and industrial design, ceramics and glass, comic art, design, digital art, drawing and illustration, editorial cartoon, fashion, film and animation, jewelry, mixed media, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video game design, and art portfolio.

This year, 53 Upper School students from Taipei American School earned regional Scholastic awards for their writing and artwork. Out of the 53 submissions, the 18 submissions that earned the Gold Key Award will advance to the next of the Scholastic Awards, where they will be judged on the national level. “I just want to shout out everybody who submitted,” says English teacher Mr. Henry Chuang. “Regardless of what the results were, having a wider audience for your work is a wonderful thing. I encourage you all to continue submitting, and for those who did get some recognition, it’s a sign! You’ve got to keep doing it.”

Congratulations to the following students:

Honorable Mention

Cynthia Boyce (‘21): “Hungry”
Sophia Chang (‘22): “Road Block” and “Above”
Katherine Chen (‘19): “Badminton Player” and “Landscape Rhythms”
Phoebe Chen (‘21): “The Heart”
Ivan Chien (‘21): “confident before basketball game”
Katherine Chu (‘23): “Replenishing Earth”
Vera Yu-Jen Fei (‘21): “The Rigid World” and “Tilted”
Olivia Hsin (‘20): “In Between”, “Healthy Diet”, and “Why Now?”
Tiffany Huang (‘21): “Peak”
Yasmin Hung (‘20): “Roses are red”
Jollene Liu (‘18): “The Four Seasons”
Jessica Oh (‘21): “Clay head”
Julie Oh (‘20): “Escape”
Aaron Sheng (‘21): “Cyber Bullying”
Pinhua (Sarah) Su (‘19): “Inbalanced”
Johnson Thai (‘18): “Clip”
Elaine Tsai (‘22): “Dream”
Vivian Wang (‘19): “Reach”, “Caged”, and “going somewhere”
William Wu (‘18): “Ceramics Planter”
Claire Young (‘18): “Nostalgia – Distance”
Rachel Hsu (‘19): “Your Verbose and Cryptic Friend With a Lot of Opinions and Zero Self-Awareness”
Vivian Kuo (‘19): “Utopia”
Eric Li (‘20): “The Color Red”
Catherine Lin (‘19): “Jonathan Hsu Keeps FRC On Track”
Do Kyong Ryoo (‘21): “Strangers”
Dhirpal Shah (‘20): “home. jia. ghar”
Maddie Stanley-Rainbow (‘21): “Time Flies Bye”
Annabel Uhlman (‘18): “Is Mama God?”
Kelsey Wang (‘20): “Two Paths in Autumn”, “Footsteps on Snow”, and “The Song of V. Felix Verrazzino”

Silver Key

Eric Chang (‘20): “Preparation”
Edward Sheng Pao Chen (‘22): “The Brainstorm Cafe’”
Katherine Chen (‘19): “Mirroring: Zero & One Self Portrait”
Olivia Hsin (‘20): “Orange Tear”
Alexander Lin (‘19): “Flames”
Erica Liu (‘18): “Investigations From the Field”
Jollene Liu (‘18): “Katana”
Emily Lo (‘19): “Cast Cast Build”
Morris Yang (‘18): “Time to Watch”
Jack Chen (‘18): “Bedside Table”
Natalie Hon (‘18): “My Own Fairy Tale”
Audrey Kong (‘18): “For Shedrup Tsendue: in the blink of an eye”
Nicole Lee (‘19): “Sweet Wool of Age”
Shereen Lee (‘19): “GOD Makes a Hiring Decision”
Catherine Lin (‘19): “The Art of Letting Go”
Christine Lin (‘19): “Guns, drugs, money, nuclear bombs, proxy wars, and the American Dream” and “Heroes in a Madhouse” and “Heroes”
Edward Margolis (‘19): “Bob the Pollen” and “The Love of Life”
Madeline McCarthy (‘21): “Different”
Niralee Shah (‘18): “How To Write About India”
Vanessa Tsao (‘19): “thrashing in the water, quietly”
Annabel Uhlman (‘18): “Drink Up, Fly Away”
Kelsey Wang (‘20): “Dusk Snow” and “A Robot With Two Names”

Gold Key

Edward Sheng Pao Chen (‘22): “The Tears of urban forest”
Sean Chen (‘18): “Modular Glasses”
Thomas Chen (‘18): “Yong-Dian-Tu (Painting of Using Electricity)”
Nicholas Lee (’21): “Effects of Drugs”
Jollene Liu (‘18): “Success” and “Leaping Carp”
Jessica Oh (‘21): “Low on Helium”
Li-Chun Pan (‘18): “Bending the Rules”
Elaine Tsai (‘22): “Survive”
Christine Wan (‘18): “Pin-Hole Camera Moodboard”
Ashley Yu (‘20): “Printmaking Elpis”
Stella Chen (‘21): “The Girl under the Phoenix Tree”
Claire Hong (‘21): “Home”
Audrey Kong (‘18): “I was unaware”
Claire Moy (‘18): “Family Dinner”
Vanessa Tsao (‘19): “Some compliments can only be received with a strained smile”
Kelsey Wang (‘20): “A Conversation With Statues” and “Selenate”