LETTER | "Spirit Week brought out the best in us"


By Annie Cho (’20)
Spirit Week is the special week when we all shine with our brightest qualities; we support, encourage, and ,most importantly, unify as students of Taipei American School. This was very notable especially today, when an unexpected silence loomed over the gym during the sophomores’ Airband performance. Technical difficulties could have potentially lead to uncomfortable silences or fierce competition between grades using this time to their advantage and cheer to earn the valuable points. However, this was not the case. In the midst of confusion, people from different grades stood up and began to chant: not for themselves, but for the sophomores. More and more people started joining one by one, and the little sparks that came from one grade began to bloom into an explosion of support and care from the entire Upper School.
With their warm encouragement, the sophomores were able to stand up taller and perform with more confidence and energy. Their harmonious cheer made the waiting time more enjoyable and added more excitement to the rest of the performance. The bonds between the sophomores and the other grades grew tighter as we expressed our love and appreciation for their actions; while other grades cheered the sophomores on, we embraced their friendliness and responded by shooting hearts back. We were able to turn the worst situation around and bring a positive outcome in an otherwise awkward situation. Spirit Week is the chance to support and express kindness and respect to others and beam with our identity as being part of TAS, and we definitely saw this today. Spirit Week brought out the best in us.