Neighbors Cafe lives up to its name



Audrey H. ('23)

Located on the second floor of a building on Zhongshan North Road, the soothing ambience of greenhouse energy greets you at Neighbors Cafe. Neighbors Cafe provides a cozy yet elegant place inviting productivity and relaxation, simultaneously. 

After going up a flight of stairs, the white-painted walls, variety of plants, wood logs on high ceilings and generous display of books welcome you into a jungle with endless aesthetic pleasures that entice your instinctive desire for cleanliness. The variety of plants ranging from succulents to big leaf plants radiate major greenhouse energy. The lighting is the perfect balance between natural light and dimmed lighting. 

The menu, while lacking in option variety, has your go-to cafe bites – lemon pound cake, quiche, cold drip coffee, paninis, pastas, cookies and more. The bacon quiche, while small in portion considering the cost, was delicate in flavor as the saltiness of the bacon was balanced by the creaminess of the egg mixture. A popular pastry, the classic chocolate chip cookie, invites your taste buds to indulge in brown sugar and chocolate chip madness. 

Many can be found lounging on the couches reading a good book on a Saturday afternoon, studying at the window seats or conversing with an old friend over cold drip coffee. Ultimately, Neighbors Cafe invites the community to indulge in delicious pastries while appreciating the simple things in life – whether that is the sound of a page flip or the calming presence of greenery. Like its name suggests, Neighbors Cafe is homey; it incites a sense of community.