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Letter to the Editor: Forego comfort for a cause



Dear Editor of The Blue and Gold:

During my nearly five decades as a member of the TAS community, I have always been proud of the commitment of our members to use their talents, time, and energy to benefit countless charitable causes. TAS students, faculty, staff, and parents have often rallied after disasters in Taiwan, as well as throughout the world.  Recent ones were the earthquake in Turkey in 1999 just a few days before the devastating earthquake centered in central Taiwan. There was the flooding in Pakistan and the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans; the list is long.

      Tri-M has been working diligently for over two decades to assist our neighbors at St. Anne’s Home.  For years TAS’s musically talented, as well as some determined residents at St. Anne’s, entertained in the auditorium to a packed house. Just as at its recent concert in the Small Theatre, the variety and quality of the musicians’ performances were amazing—definitely evenings to relish and remember forever.

     There were few evenings of splendid entertainment at such a bargain. The admission was always 200 NT or less.  Needless to say, St. Anne’s Home, founded by a Dutch priest who was loved at TAS in the 1960’s as a soccer coach and Latin teacher, needs and appreciates all of the financial support it can receive.

     I propose the TAS community reflects on the need to have refreshments during a Tri-M charity concert or a Syrian Benefit Run.  Do we need to have refreshments as an enticement to attend an event organized to raise needed funds to help the less fortunate?  Just think of how much additional financial support the organizers of Tri-M or other praiseworthy projects could donate to their causes if the money for refreshments was added to the price of tickets or registration fees for charitable events.

     As we enter the New Year of the Rooster, I propose we consider this issue.  With our TAS community’s values including kindness, respect, and responsibility, can we forego refreshments and contribute a larger donation to St. Anne’s Home and other deserving charities?

                                                                                      Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                      Richard Arnold

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