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Revenge: not an excuse to murder

Psychopath, serial killer, rapist – people who commit very immoral, violent crimes against other people –  often survive their victims by decades. They live while many of their victims die. I think that this is wrong.Due to human rights and respecting criminals as human beings, these prisoners usually stay in jail for several years and stay for their life in rarely severe cases.

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is a legal process where the state sentences the criminals to die as a punishment for a severe crime they have been found guilty of. While I believe is the right of an individual to live peacefully and be free from harm, I also believe that individuals have a right to live a life without fear for violent crimes. Unfortunately, many individuals commit murder, rape and assault and these people have no regard for life and property of others. Since these individuals violate other people’s lives, it is but fair that they are brought to justice and suffer the fate they rightfully deserve. There were more than 1,634 people were executed in 2015. Among those immense amount of people, there must be few innocent people who were killed by the blame. Therefore, I strongly insist that death penalty should be allowed with strict restrictions in processing and various trials.

Some people believe that sentencing a person to death is a denial of the prisoner’s human rights. I do not believe this is true –  as do the 65% of the world’s population who, along with me, support the death penalty. Not every criminal will be killed if the death penalty is allowed – only those that are severe killers.

Another argument against the death penalty is that few countries use it, so a large portion of the world must believe it is wrong. It is true that there are only 58 countries in the world who permit and use the death penalty against violent criminals. However, this is faulty logic. Many of the world’s leading and most populous countries permit the death penalty including China, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, US and so on. These are the countries with the record of most executions.  Taiwan, for example, reintroduced the death policy in 2010 due to a large demand for allowing death penalty because they felt the strong necessity of it especially after the motiveless crime in Taipei with the sacrifice of 4 year old girl.

Ultimately, I believe the death penalty saves lives. By sentencing murderers with capital punishment, you can save future lives and murderers will think twice about killing since death penalty is their intimidation and punishment. Moreover, it helps the victim’s family to let out their speechless emotion.  

There were 102 countries that completely abolished the death penalty by the end of 2015. Personally, it is abstruse for me that with increasing crimes, there are still many countries who would totally abolish death penalty due to reasons like respecting criminal’s rights. But what about those victims who had to face the sudden gruesome crisis? We should respect the victims as much as the criminals.

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