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Spirited Away


Tingjen Hsieh (9)

“When we are spirited, we tend to be in a better mood which lightens up the dull school year and helps to de-stress,” says Tingjen Hsieh (9), who is nominated as the most spirited person in the class of 2020. Tingjen believes that people get pumped up when they are looking forward to something. She is certain about freshmen being the winner of this year’s spirit week as “[the freshman class] won spirit week for three years in a row in the middle school.” Tingjen believes in order to reach these achievements, it is crucial for the students to be optimistic and hyped so that they have motivation to accomplish something. Unfortunately, some students are indifferent to these events. To prevent anyone from being left out, Tingjen says she “will ask them to join the dress up and if they are not sure about how to dress up for a day, then the class officers or friends can suggest ideas or even [dress up] together!”


Jacqueline Miao (10)

“Being spirited is just being passionate and hyped up,” says Jacqueline Miao (10), who is nominated as the most spirited person in the class of 2019. Instead of joining airband or class video, Jacqueline chooses to express her spirit through supporting her peers during assemblies. She says, “I want to be on the sidelines supporting my peers. If most of them are out performing I want to be down there giving them lots of support and love to make them feel like they are doing a great job.” Jacqueline thinks Spirit Week is a time when students can let loose and relax. In order to be successful she says, “be slightly competitive!” Furthermore, Jacqueline mostly looks forward to dressing up. She says, “Dress up, always dress up. Dress up is always the best part. It’s a hassle to get all the costumes for sure but it’s still fun to see yourself and friends dressed up because you can’t do it on a daily basis.”


Rigel Anesto (11)

Spirit is “being prideful for your team” says Rigel Anesto, the most spirited person in the class of 2018. He likes competition, which makes him pumped up and eager to bring pride to his grade. In order to win Spirit Week, he recommends all juniors to participate in as many activities as they can and “have a good time since it’s only one time a year and you can make memories.” Rigel thinks Spirit Week is a stress-free event for the student body and an opportunity that we should all participate in. Rigel believes that the purpose of Spirit Week is to help students bond with your grade. Ultimately, more spirited people are those who dedicate their time to helping their grade win. Additionally, Rigel warns that “11th graders are coming out on top this year.” He says, “I heard it has been a while since they have.”


Brendan Wong (12)


Brendan Wong (12) says, “Spirit Week, it’s now or never. Express yourself!” Brendan thinks everyone should let loose once in a while and not be so uptight because life is about more than just our grades and books. Of all the many weeks spent studying and working, Spirit Week is one of the only moments for students to have fun. To encourage those who are timid and not vocally spirited, Brendan gives suggestions such as participating in airband, class video, or dress up. He says, “Don’t limit yourself by letting the louder person be more spirited. These are times when you can make lasting memories with your friends. This is also the time when you can get good Instagram photos! Get those Instagram likes!” Lastly, as the senior representative, Brendan says, “We are looking to break the winning streak and for once, we can demonstrate school spirit.”

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