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It's a sad story, howbow dah


Cash her on Dr. Phil, episode, “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime.”  Problematic teen (and internet celebrity), Danielle Bregoli never goes to school and has stolen her mom’s car.  Most people know her as the “Cash me ousside” girl who challenged the audience members to catch her outside and get taught a lesson during her appearance on the show.  Since then, Bregoli has received a tremendous amount of attention, both good and bad. Bregoli got her start on two episodes of Dr. Phil, she is the inspiration of memes, remixes, a Bitmoji, t-shirts and a death hoax.  She was also a guest feature in Kodak Black’s music video.  

Bregoli’s catchy phrase “cash me ousside” is applicable to numerous situations;  Actually want to meet someone outside?  Cash me ousside.  Awkward situation where you don’t know how to respond to a friend?  Cash me ousside.  It is hard to deny the appealing and funny side of this meme.

Although the internet sensation is amusing, this new wave of attention around Bregoli sheds light on the problems of broken families and the inability their children to receive help. Danielle Bregoli allegedly dropped out of school in 7th grade.  Her parents divorced after Danielle was born.  Danielle’s mom, Barbara Bregoli was awarded with “sole parental decision-making responsibility,” while her dad, Peskowitz was only granted visitation rights.  However, her mom moved to New York following the divorce and made it almost impossible for Peskowitz to visit Danielle.  Adding to those burdens, Danielle’s mom had breast cancer twice.  This really sheds light on how Danielle Bregoli is the victim of a dire situation.  Bregoli, who is only 13 years old, experiences lack of love and acts as the sole supporter for her mom through her second time with cancer.  It is clear that the trauma of her past pushed Bregoli into hanging out on the streets causing her troublesome behavior in the present now.

The meme is funny but people should  realize that behind this humor lies a darker truth: many single families have problematic children that often feel abandoned.  As Andrea Wijaya (12) says, “Just seeing the way she acts on T.V. like it’s not a big deal, is kind of sad.”  It is true, seeing her appreciate all the attention for her negative actions is truly thought provoking.  People need to reach out to children like this and offer them support and listen to their problems.  Perhaps Bregoli’s behavior right now is a cry for help.  By laughing at her actions, we are belittling and normalizing her behavior.  It can perpetuate her already reckless behavior and make the situation worse.  It can perpetuate her already reckless behavior and make the situation worse.  “In a way other teenagers may be influenced by her and follow her footsteps” says Moka Sera (12), and I agree, although the joke is worth the LOLs, by continually letting her behavior slide is mindlessly approving her behavior.

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