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2017 Awards Ceremony Results

Harvard Book Prize Award Janice Y.
Brown Book Award Julian L. 
Columbia Book Award Catherine Y.
Brandeis Book Award Niralee S.
Bryn Mawr Book Award Laura C.
RPI Medal Award Brian K.
Smith Book Award Sarah C.
Bausch + Lomb Honorary Science Award Alexander H.
Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award Tiffany C.
George Eastman Young Leaders Award Annabel U.
Xerox Award for Innovation & Information Technology Jonathan H.
English Writing Award Christine L.
Outstanding Student in English Award Isabelle Y.
Sharon B. Hennessy Award Serena Y.

The Scholastic Writing Award

NCTE Award

Seamus B.

Katie F.

Julian L.

Political Science and Forensics Award Jeremiah H.
Jan McDowell Scholarship Award Cashua W.
French Award Katie F.
Japanese Award Tiffany C.
Spanish Award Caroline C.
David Blowers AP Spanish Literature Award Andrew H.
Heritage Mandarin Award Melanie C.
Mandarin Award Serena Y.
The Distinguished Linguist Award Nancy Z.
Classics Award Julian L.
David Wittry Computer Science Award

Kevin L.

Nathan K.

Da Vinci Engineering Award Jonathan H.
Outstanding Contribution for Robotics & Engineering

Alethea W.

Angel H.

Mathematics Award Andrew H.
Outstanding Student in Mathematics Award Angel H.
Spirit of Science Award

Kelly C.

Paul I.

Outstanding Science Award

Jonathan W.

Changsun L.

Outstanding Student in Math and Science Award Avery W.
NEST Student Recognition Award Justin Y.
Emerging Leaders Award O. Lipsett
Science Research Fellows Award Fiona T.
Science Research Fellows Award Angel H.
Science Research Fellows Award Alvin H.
Science Research Fellows Award Avery W.
Science Research Fellows Award Changsun L.
Science Research Fellows Award Mitchell W.
John Philip Sousa Award Venus S.
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Brandon T.

Julian W.

National School Choral Award Hae Kyeung K.
National School Orchestra Award Solomon W.
Quincy Jones Musicianship Award Sisy C.
Theater Arts Award -Leading Female Stefanie M.
Theater Arts Award -Leading Male Reese M.
Outstanding Achievement & Contribution to Dance Award -Female Dancer Emily C.
Outstanding Achievement & Contribution to Dance Award – Male Dancer Liam C.
Outstanding Student in Visual Arts

Teagan R.


Outstanding Student in Visual Arts Julia L.
Outstanding Student in Visual Arts Claire Y.
The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Olivia H.

Catherine L.

Outstanding History and Social Studies Award Katie F.
Katherine Wetherell Humanities Award Katie F.
National Honor Society Award Catherine Y.

National Merit Scholar Recognition

Isabelle Y.

Katie F.

Alan T.

Aaron K.

Bryan C.

Emily Hsu Landau Quach Scholarship Award Jing Yi N.
Chinese-American Friendship Award

Myles S.

Rosyln W.

ECIS Award Changsun L.
EARCOS Global Citizen Award Claire M.
Warren Manning Award G9 Iolani C.
Warren Manning Award G10 Maggie L.
Warren Manning Award G11 Tarun R.
Warren Manning Award G12 Charl F.
Russ Neill Memorial Award G9 Andrew H.
Russ Neill Memorial Award G10 David W.
Russ Neill Memorial Award G11 Rose W.
Russ Neill Memorial Award G12 Brendon W.
Three-Year Service Award David C.
Three-Year Service Award Tiffany C.
Three-Year Service Award Charissa C.
Three-Year Service Award Ming-Yu H.
Three-Year Service Award Andrew H.
Three-Year Service Award Angel H.
Three-Year Service Award Angela W.
Three-Year Service Award Michael W.
Three-Year Service Award Brian K.
Academic Distinction April C.
Academic Distinction Terry C.
Academic Distinction Thomas H.
Academic Distinction Erin K.
Academic Distinction Nathan K.
Academic Distinction Christine L.
Academic Distinction Lauren V.
Academic Distinction Roslyn W.
Academic Distinction Michael W.
Academic Distinction  
Academic Distinction Oleana H
Academic Distinction Ahyoon K
Valedictorian Avery W.
Salutatorian Serena Y.
The Board of Directors Award of Excellence Isabelle Y.
Mark Ulfers Scholarship Award Stefanie M.
Roger Castiglioni Memorial Scholarship Paul I..
Joanna Nichols Award for Excellence in Teaching and Professional Development A. Chen
Joanna Nichols Award for Excellence in Teaching and Professional Development C. Edwards
The Principals’ Awards Vivian T.
The Principals’ Award Tatiana F. 
The Principals’ Award Amy L.
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