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Staff Writer Summers: Hong Kong's best local food


From visa runs to weekend getaways, Hong Kong has long been a top travel destination for students at TAS. Its status as the closest country to Taiwan, and its diverse city life, makes Hong Kong both convenient and enjoyable. Its food culture is especially exceptional, with great restaurants offering both local and internationally-sourced styles.
Here are three local restaurants in Hong Kong that are worth a visit for the foodie’s full city experience.

3. Tsui Wah Restaurant
Multiple locations (Pictured: 2 Carnarvon Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui)
Average price per person: 60-100 HKD (240-400 TWD)
Rating: 3.5/5
For a consistently high-quality food option, visit Tsui Wah, located all over urban areas in Hong Kong. This restaurant features cuisines from all over the world, although it is most famous for its Southeast Asian and Cantonese foods. While I find their Western food standard, I’ve always loved their Hong Kong cuisine. This trip, I tried Tsui Wah’s signature Hainanese rice ($60), and their classic Hong Kong milk tea ($15), both delicious cross sections of their respective cultures. While Tsui Wah might not catch all the cultural nuances that a highly specialized restaurant would, the restaurant is a great opportunity to experience little bits of the food culture in Hong Kong and to get an idea of the array of traditions Hong Kong hosts.

2. Yat Lok
34-38 Stanley St.
MTR: Central Station
Average price per person: 100-200 HKD (400-800 TWD)
Rating: 4/5
This Michelin-starred eatery has the best duck noodles and barbecue in Hong Kong. Yat Lok is a classic Hong Kong tourist trap, but with good reason. A long-time local favorite, the restaurant made its name with its signature rice noodle barbecue soup ($102) (pictured), but I actually preferred a combination of the barbecue platter with rice ($53) and rice noodle soup ($17) separately (not to mention the $30 dollar discount you get from ordering separately!). Yat Lok is located in an area with plenty of shopping, entertainment, and transportation around, making it a great pit stop for a day out in town. Make sure you aren’t holding too many bags, though: getting to the street requires walking up a slightly rickety set of stairs! The restaurant is always full, so try to visit during off-peak hours.

1. One Dim Sum
15 Playing Field Rd.
MTR: Prince Edward Station
Average price per person: 50-80 HKD (200-320 TWD)
Rating: 5/5
One Dim Sum, a 2012 Michelin-star rated dim sum restaurant, is one of the best places you can go for Hong Kong-style traditional food. The restaurant features all of dim sum’s staples, from siu mai ($27) to BBQ pork buns ($21). While its small, nondescript storefront make One Dim Sum look like just another corner-store eatery, the large crowds usually surrounding the restaurant say otherwise. All of their dishes are fresh and delicious, and the restaurant’s servers were unexpectedly pleasant and patient with us. The experience of trying dim sum outside its usual, fast-paced, environment was a refreshing change of pace! While a little out of the way, this restaurant was definitely worth the trip.

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