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REVIEW | "The Girl With All The Gifts"


The award-winning, action-packed, and thrilling book,“The Girl With All the Gifts” written by Mike Carey, should be the first book on anybody’s must-read list.

Carey beings by introducing the protagonist, Melanie, listening to a story with her classmates in a classroom, completely oblivious that they are lab rats in a research experiment. This experiment attempts to find a cure for a blood and saliva fungus that turns humans into zombies. The military army captures Melanie and her classmates to test the fungal disease and their emotional and mental abilities in a classroom setting taught by a human teacher. As the story progresses, human teacher Miss Justineau and Melanie develop a special relationship. The two run away together from their society, and discover themselves along the way.  
Although I have never been a fan of thrillers, “The Girl With All the Gifts” caught my attention when I saw it sitting on the best-seller shelf.  The book sucked me in the moment I began reading.  As the characters in this book develop relationships, it feels as if you are on the adventure with them.  I enjoyed this book because of its creative storyline, which distinguished “The Girl With The Gifts” from other thriller. Full of emotion and surprises, this is the kind of book that would leave you in chills. Instead of simply rehashing the “humans continuously fighting and running away from zombies” plot, “The Girl With All the Gifts” takes on a poignant philosophical angle as the survivors grapple with the challenge of redefining humanity to include zombies.   

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