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Frolic gets jazzy


This year, the Taipei American School Student Government hopes to take Frolic, the Upper School’s annual December dance, to new heights. Frolic will be held at the Taipei Marriott Hotel, Neihu Branch, on Dec. 17 from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. Tickets are on sale for $1800 NT.
The biggest change to Frolic this year is the new venue. StuGov officer and Frolic Head Nicole Chang (’18) says, “Many upperclassmen no longer want to attend Frolic because it is always at the same place.” Taking into account student feedback, this year’s Frolic will be the first TAS dance held at the Marriott Hotel. Nicole says, “[The new venue has a] gorgeous layout, golden walls, high ceilings, [and] chandeliers. [Furthermore, there will be] delicious food with vegetarian options available.”
In another shift away from tradition, StuGov also chose a theme that is less structured than previous themes. This year’s Frolic theme will be “After Hours,” creating a classy, jazzy, smooth, late-night atmosphere complete with dimmed lights. Nicole believes that “After Hours” shifts away from more specific past themes—such as Vegas, The Pier, and the Oscars—to a general theme, while creating a new, more mature feel.
Building on the new theme, StuGov will also be looking to diversify the scope of student performances at Frolic this year, hoping to showcase a greater variety of exciting student talents. Nicole says, “It’s not just singing and dancing, we’re also open to magic shows, rapping, skits, [and more]. [Our goal is to encourage] students to showcase their talents in a venue just as impressive as their skills.”
StuGov has also increased the amount of student activities compared to previous years. The blackjack tables, photo booths, and superlatives at Frolic last year all received favorable reviews from students. While bringing these popular activities back, StuGov also plans to add special drink mixing tables, raffle tickets, glow sticks, and more table games. In addition, StuGov will make a pair of instant photo booths available this year, a feature that had previously been restricted to Prom. Students will be able to take home instant photo print-outs.
“This year, we really wanted to rethink the Frolic experience and hopefully increase student attendance. It’s not just a dinner and a dance. We want students to always have something to do,” Nicole says. Whether students will walk away eager to come next year is yet to be determined, but if nothing else, StuGov hopes that these changes will render Frolic a truly memorable night After Hours.

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