Orphanage Club hosts its final rummage sale


On Sept. 22, the Orphanage Club had its final rummage sale at Taipei American School. Many people were here to buy goods at a cheaper price and donate money to the club. “Honestly, I’ve always appreciated these because communities are able to find new life for objects,” Renee Chien (‘20) said, one of the attendees.

Due to space issues, OC will no longer host another rummage sale until the officers find a venue to store their donations. “Rummage sale is [the major event] where OC gets money from, and [halting the annual sale] would definitely hurt our income,” an officer of OC, Isaac Chen (‘20) said.

“Almost before school year ended last year, we were told that we can no longer put our things in the basement because the school didn’t allow it anymore after the remodelling,” Isaac said. The club hopes to conduct other events, such as raffles, to replace the rummage.

As of today, OC stores its items in Beitou, which is very inconvenient and far. “Yesterday, our co-presidents were at the Beitou storage area organizing and transferring all the things back here,” said Isaac.

The OC members made many fun memories at the sale. “The most exciting part is when Mr. Arnold tells us what the income for the day was,” said Isaac.