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Teachers launch new leadership program

Vanessa Kang/The Blue & Gold

Leadership lessons, a new leadership program to prepare students with important leadership and management skills, were formally started on Sept. 7. These lessons were designed to make a positive impact on the school community and to make extracurricular experiences for students not only productive but also enjoyable.
Open to 12 passionate students interested in learning and implementing important leadership skills, the program features ten lessons including topics such as teamwork, developing and improving the collaborating skill of others, humility, changing toxic cultures, planning, and coordination. Led by Dr. Dan Long, Upper School dean of students, Ms. Evelyn Chen, Upper School Biology teacher, and Mr. Jaami Franklin, Upper School visual arts teacher, the leadership lessons meet biweekly before school at 7 a.m. in Dr. Long’s office. And yes, breakfast is served.
“I was inspired by conversations with Mr. Franklin and Ms. Chen to join forces in offering this chance for students to think about their leadership,” Dr. Long said. “We ask those who sign up to commit to all ten lessons; this demonstrates commitment to the group and to improving one’s ability to lead.”
Tingkuan Hsieh (‘20) expressed his delight over committing to the 10 classes. “I signed up because I thought it was interesting, and because I have leadership positions right now in school,” he said. “I also signed up in order to understand my leadership flaws and work on changing them.”
Annie Cho (‘20), president of Harmonix, a club dedicated to performing music at a variety of school events, also explained her reasons for joining the class. “This year is my first time being president of a club. I joined Dr. Long’s classes because I need to know some basics on guiding people and the technical aspect of incorporating good ideas into our club so we can be successful,” Annie said. “I also think taking what I learned into action and actually implementing those new skills into leading my club is going to be exciting but a bit difficult.”
Annie’s first lesson taught her multiple things relating to leadership and cooperating with others. “The best leaders recognize the importance of the members and make sure to encourage them so they know they are valued,” Annie said. “The best teams have to consist of both great leaders and great members.”
So far, Dr. Long has seen good progress in his lessons, since the first leadership class and hopes that future sessions may be on the horizon. “If the first session is a success, we will definitely consider having more classes in the future. Be on lookout for those signups,” Dr. Long said.

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