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I tried Instagram-famous Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins and here's what happened


Almost anyone who is an active user of social media has seen a post advertising little blue gummy bears known as Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, a trademark of BeSweet Creations. The rumored-to-be delicious vitamin has appeared on numerous celebrities’ Instagram feeds, including the Kardashian-Jenner clan, YouTube influencers and Instagram models. After seeing countless ads on social media, I decided to test the validity of the Instagram-famous gummies. 
The official Sugar Bear Hair website claims that their supplements give customers “everything they need to grow the healthiest longest hair possible” by preventing breakage, improving elasticity and increasing hair strength. The website also claims that the “majority of [their] customers found their nails and skin quality improve over time.” However, many other sources claim otherwise.
According to a study conducted by Consumer Lab, an online website that identifies the nutritional quality in products on the market, the vitamins in Sugar Bear Hair barely exceed the amount that can be found in regularly consumed everyday foods such as salmon, yeast and egg yolk. Thus, it is unlikely that Sugar Bear Hair consumers will see any results whatsoever.
“From my experience, I saw literally no improvements,” Jade Hsu (‘21) said. “If you’re actually looking for something that will help your hair grow, I don’t recommend buying the gummies.”
Despite Sugar Bear Hair’s many negative reviews, I seem to be one of the few consumers that saw real, impressive results. Prior to consuming the supplements, I had approximately 18 inches of hair and an uneven haircut. After I finished my bottle of Sugar Bear Hair, my hair was no longer uneven and had grown roughly one inch longer.
Yet, despite the improvements I saw in my hair, I noticed that the other aspects Sugar Bear Hair claims to improve barely changed for myself. Before taking the gummy supplements, my nails easily bent and broke. After a month of vitamin consumption, I continued to observe the same behavior. 
Although Sugar Bear Hair may have stimulated faster hair growth for me, I recommend people interested in the supplements to be cautious before purchasing. The vitamin does not work for all customers, and investing in Sugar Bear Hair may mean needlessly losing 30 extra dollars.

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