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President Tsai and her supporters gather for the last time before the election day


After weeks of campaigning, President Tsai Ing-wen held a last-minute rally on Friday night in front of the presidential office to mobilize and attract supporters from all across the island to vote for her in Taiwan’s 15th presidential and legislative elections. The rally officially began at 7 p.m. and attracted about 51,000 people to take part in listening to President Tsai’s final speech before the voting day. 
As the rally began, people started to chant “Tsai Ing-wen, win the election” to warm up the atmosphere. This time’s presidential election is very challenging and unpredictable since President Tsai, Democratic Progressive Party, and populist Han Kou-yu, Kuomintang Party, both have a massive amount of supporters. Yet, in the first round of polls held on December 2018 showed that President Tsai is in favor of winning. “I like President Tsai because she is more realistic and her proposals seem more achievable,” Mrs. Chen Chou-dai (70) said. 
President Tsai’s four years in office had allowed her to gain much more experience compared to Han, who was just elected as the Kaoshiung city’s mayor in 2018. “Although some people have been criticizing President Tsai of not doing anything for the past four years, I would still want to give her a chance. Similar to Ma Ying-jiu, former president of Taiwan, he did not accomplish much until his second term,” Mrs. Chen said. However, some people want to vote for President Tsai for another reason. “For the presidential election, I only vote for people from the DPP and never the KMT because the KMT had dominated and ruined Taiwan enough for the past years already,” Mr. Chen (75), a former KMT member, said. 
During the rally, President Tsai touched on many issues such as Hong Kong’s protest and challenges to the island nation’s sovereignty from China. “Rejecting the ‘One Country, Two Systems’, I have done it for the 23 million people in Taiwan,” she said. In addition to firmly stating the relationship between Taiwan and China, she also suggests improving diplomatic relationships with Southeast Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand, and make Taiwan more competitive around the globe. “I admired most of Tsai’s politics and was grateful for her effort in improving Taiwan’s status in the world and providing the best living condition for the Taiwanese,” Mr. Chen said. 
However, there were different opinions on some issues that occurred during her presidency. For instance, the legalization of same-sex marriage was extremely controversial, especially amongst the elders. “I disagree significantly with the legalization of same-sex marriage and was utterly confused about why President Tsai would want to take such a big risk in passing such a controversial law,” Ms. Chen said. “Instead of focusing on this issue, President Tsai could be more concerned with problems such as low fertility rate and find solutions.” 
The night before the DPP’s rally, Han also held a rally at the same location and attracted more than 50,000 people. Supporters were all waving the red and blue national flag and wearing the flag as a shirt to show the love towards Han. Meanwhile, supporters of the DPP waved green DPP flags and banners to express their confidence towards President Tsai’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. 

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