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We know what happened, but let's look at the causes and effects


In 2016, Tsai Ing-wen won the presidential election, 4 years later on Jan. 11, Tsai Ing-wen was elected president of Taiwan in a landslide victory against Han Kuo-yu and James Soong. We all know what happened but let’s dive deeper and look at the causes and effects of her victory.
The issues related to this election play a key part in shaping the results. One of the primary issues would be relations with China. Han took a friendlier approach while Tsai worked up criticism of Chinese leadership. She has also said that Taiwan will increase its efforts to defend itself from China. Tsai’s approach to the issue increased her support. For example, when asked why she was voting for Tsai Ing-wen, Zhong Ming-jie (30) said it was “because voting for [her] Taiwan won’t be sold to China.” In addition to that, having a third candidate, James Soong, increased Tsai’s vote. By having sympathetic views toward Beijing, he drew a small amount of votes from Tsai. Another main issue that determined the results of this election would be Economy. In Tsai’s years as president, she has expanded the economy. This increased her votes as people saw that she had improved the economy. 
Now that we have a small idea of why she was elected let’s look at what will happen in the future. She will likely continue working up strategic ties to the US. In regard to the economy Tsai will most likely deepen economic links with Southeast Asia. In terms of relations with China, Tsai will probably continue the things she is doing to defend Taiwan against China and work towards cutting ties with China. Besides doing these things, Tsai will be continuing the things she has done for Taiwan. For example, when asked what Tsai should do if she is elected, Zhong Ming-jie (30) said that Tsai should “continue doing the things that she should do. She was already president or 4 years. She should have some things that are already in progress and she should finish doing those things.” 
Tsai’s victory can impact multiple countries mainly China and what she does will shape our country for the better or worse. We can’t predict the future or change the results but we can think about the things impacted her victory and hope that she makes positive changes to Taiwan.

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