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Sharon Choi, Bong Joon Ho’s interpreter, was a star of ‘Parasite’’s award season


Sharon Choi has been showered with praise for her talent in translating for Bong Joon Ho. In her 10-month journey with the “Parasite” team, she bridged the language gap between the world and now renowned director Bong, very successfully — helping the film earn the universal prestige it has now. 
She made herself an indispensable part of the film team last May, when she made her first appearance with Director Bong at Cannes Film Festival. Since then, she toured around the world with Bong for various red carpet events and talk shows including “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. In fact, she was the first ever interpreter to conduct a Tonight Show interview. 
She made her biggest impression at the Oscars last week, where she joined Bong on stage for each of the film’s four history-making wins. She imparted Bong’s speeches of gratitude without failing to convey his exact message and emotions. Her diction and idiomatic choices were elaborate, drawing the attention and admiration of her audience worldwide.

Bong, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, expressed his ample gratitude towards her — “she’s perfect, and we all depend on her.” He approvingly admitted, “I know she has a big fandom.” 
Her fans have tweeted that she has “killed it” and that “she deserves an award all of her own.” One user even tweeted — “Now, rich parents in Gangnam are trying to find the English private institute where Sharon Choi studiedi. They want their kids to be #SharonChoi 2.0” — in admiration of her quick talent for translating. 
Her linguistic talent can be traced back to the two years she lived in the U.S. as a child. Growing up as a Korean-American, those two years “had turned [her] into a strange hybrid — too Korean to be American, too American to be Korean”, she shared in her essay on Variety. Nevertheless, it is her continuous efforts to enhance her English proficiency by “reading books and watching movies” before going back to Los Angeles for college, that helped her gain recognition — and her massive fandom. 
Down the line in the same interview, Bong added that “she’s also a great filmmaker.” As a director herself, she has been working on a feature-length script in recent months, according to him. Her cinematic future seems promising with a mentor like Bong, who mentioned, “I’m so curious about [her script].” Now retreated to Seoul, she indicated in her essay that “It’ll just be me and my laptop for a while, and the only translating job I have now is between myself and the language of cinema.”
With that said, she expressed infinite thanks to Bong: “this journey has been nothing but a privilege.” 

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