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Cynthia and Catherine leap into their fifth birthdays despite being 20


Unlike their classmates, Cynthia Y. (’18) and Catherine Y (‘18) are not turning 20 this year, they are turning five. 
The sisters were not only born as fraternal twins, but they were also born on leap day. The odds of people being born on leap day is 1 in 1,461. However, the odds of people being born on leap day while also being a fraternal twin is even rarer — 1 in 50,000. 
When their real birthdays roll around every four years, Cynthia and Catherine celebrate their birthdays like everyone else — with several cakes and lots of presents. They also gather together with family and friends to celebrate their unique birthdays. 
Despite their unique circumstances, however, their “fake” birthdays –which is celebrated every non-leap year–do not completely differ from their actual birthdays. The only difference is the date in which they celebrate; they either celebrate on Feb. 28 or March 1 instead of on Feb. 29. “We choose the day that is mo[st] convenient for [both] of us. Typically, we [like to] celebrate our birthday on the weekend,” Catherine said. 
Most of their friends and families enjoy celebrating their unusual birthdays with them. “They think that our leap year birthday[s] are quite unique,” Cynthia said. “And that Feb. 29 is an especially easy day to remember.”
They also enjoy confusing others who do not know about their birthdays.“[The perks of being born on leap day] is confusing our peers with our leap year birthday age,” Cynthia said. “Telling them that we are only 4 years old has been very interesting.”
Ultimately, the sisters have grown accustomed to not celebrating their actual birthday every year and would not change it even if given a chance to. “Being born on Feb. 29 is a unique perk shared by Cyn and I that–till this day– still holds significance to our identity.” Catherine said. 

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