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Victor K. ('21): from lyric writing to film producing


Wxde, more commonly known as Victor K. (‘21), released an official music video for his song “Sick In The Head” with student video producer Joel L. (‘21) on March 12. The two collaboratively designed, shot and edited the film for over five months. 
Despite having several different song releases, Victor chose to compose a music video for “Sick In The Head” as he believes it is one of his greatest and more sophisticated songs. “I fit way more into the lyrics and changed my flow often throughout the track,” Victor said. 
While composing the song, Victor combined the serene sound of a piano with fast, electronic drums and gritty sprinkles from hi hats, a musical instrument that combines two cymbals and a foot pedal. Compared to other pieces Victor has made in the past, “Sick In The Head” took relatively more time and effort. 
“[I had] 15 drafts of the beat and 21 drafts of the final mix with vocals; a grand total of 36 drafts,” Victor said. “This song was a hell of a lot of work.” 
While producing the music video itself, Victor and Joel struggled with executing desired special effects they had originally planned. Initially, Victor hoped to shoot a scene where he hung upside down on a monkey bar and lip synced his song lyrics at half speed so that when the video was sped up, it would look like all the other components of the video were upside down and moving two times faster, while he was the only one at normal speed and upright. 
However, the two were unable to accomplish this effect as the shots were not as satisfying as expected. “It ended up looking really bad ‘cause it turns out I can’t hang upside down from a monkey bar without my legs dying and my face turning really red,” Victor said. “so we just didn’t end up using that shot.” 
Through the process of creating this music video, Victor learned of the potential for creativity that comes while filming. “The best ideas always come to you in the moment; I guess it’s because you really get to see what you’re working with on the day of, so your creativity kind of expands in a more practical fashion – you don’t come up with as many random ideas that don’t work.” Victor said. 

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