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REVIEW | "Twin My Heart": Let the competition begin!


Accessible on YouTube, AwesomenessTv brings twin YouTubers Veronica Merrell and Vanessa Merrell to star in the fan-favorite series: Twin My Heart. The first season debuted in 2019, with Veronica attempting to find love for Vanessa. The second season aired in 2020, with the twins finding love for their best friends, Franny and Nezza. With over a million views, the dating show consists of six episodes for each season. 
Directed by Katherine Martinez, the dating competition show takes place in a mansion-sized house in California. Around nine or ten teenagers are selected, and they compete through a series of activities and events to win the girl’s heart. 
In the first season, Vanessa struggles to choose between Brandon, a tall muscular man and Christian, a nice man who wore Hawaii-themed shirts. As the season progresses, Brandon becomes more possessive of Vanessa, often pulling her away from other guys she was interacting with. This makes Vanessa become even more indecisive and uncomfortable in the dating show. It stressed her out to the fact that she needs to eliminate a guy every single evening. In the end, Veronica swoops in to give Vanessa the older twin advice, and Vanessa chooses. 
I thought the first season could be a little dull at times, especially in the middle episodes. Most of the guys on the dating show except for Brandon, were too amicable to stir drama in the mansion, making the show somewhat boring. However, when Brandon causes some chaos in the last few episodes, the plot-line begins to rise as there are a lot of tensions between the guys and Brandon. What made it pretty interesting was that Vanessa shows her emotions of indecisiveness to choose the perfect guy to win the show. Perhaps the most unsatisfactory part of the season was that after Vanessa chooses her perfect guy, they do not enter a relationship, but end up “just being friends”. It doesn’t make much sense, as the guy just won a dating competition, but gains nothing. 
In the second season, Veronica and Vanessa help their friends, Nezza and Franny, to find love. When a fight breaks out between two of the guys over Nezza, she becomes overwhelmed and scared. Franny is also on the verge of a meltdown when most of the guys are chasing after Nezza. This causes some drama to break out between the girls, but the twins are there to prevent them from breaking down. In the end, the best friends make their decisions and start relationships with the guys. 
The second season was much more interesting compared to the first season, because there was more confusion for the guys to choose between Nezza and Franny. The guys on this season were a bit more competitive, each with their own personalities and flare, making it much harder for the girls to eliminate them. Chaos occurs when one guy was trying to root for Nezza, but changed his mind after he got friend-zoned, which was a very interesting dynamic in the plot. In the end, both girls got very emotional to choose the finalists, showing a side of them that the public  has never seen before. This was very raw because in the world of reality TV, nobody really shows their emotions as many have scripts. 
Overall, Twin My Heart is an excellent TV show for people who love reality TV. Although the first season was less dramatic, many lessons were learned about choosing the right partner, helping the audience learn so that they won’t make mistakes as the girls did. 

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