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Resistance bands: adding variety to your workout


Anyone who watches fitness YouTube videos or follows athletes on Instagram has definitely come across resistance bands, an elastic band that is used for strength training and physical therapy. Although it is debatable whether these products truly increase the difficulty of your workouts, after weeks of scrolling through advertisements promoting the alluring exercise equipment, I decided to purchase a few for myself to try out. 
Of the bands that I have purchased, there are three resistance levels: light, medium and hard. For beginner athletes, it is recommended to initially use the light resistance band while exercising. After familiarizing oneself to the workout equipment, however, individuals can proceed to higher resistances. 
Personally, using resistance bands was a good middle ground for me between working out with body weight and beginning to incorporate external weights into exercises. Once working out with merely my own body weight became easy, using resistance bands allowed me to develop a stronger muscle foundation to begin employing weights. For those who are uncertain or wary of jumping from body weight to external weight exercises, I would greatly recommend investing in resistance bands. 
Resistance bands, although extremely enticing and overly advertised in the media, should definitely not be the end goal of any individual interested in fitness. Rather, it should be utilized as a stepping stone for harder, more advanced exercises. 

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