IBSL Economics offered as an online course for IB diploma candidates


Mr. Emanuel browsing Pamoja, an online course provider’s website while sitting at his office. (LAURA HSU/THE BLUE & GOLD)

The International Baccalaureate Standard Level (IBSL) Economics Course will possibly become an option for diploma candidates who have exhausted other options for taking economics courses, but will not be available school-wide. 
Mr. Emanuel, the IB and Advanced Placement (AP) coordinator of Taipei American School said, “We are trying online courses on Pamoja this year with language, and possibly with economics, and we’ll see how it goes.” Though online courses are becoming available for IB diploma candidates, Mr. Emanuel still encourages students to consider in class options beforehand, “I have the mindset that in class options are always better, but in keeping an open mind to online education, I think [online classes] are never trying to replace an in-class option, it’s trying to keep an open mind to ways that we can provide opportunities to students that we cannot provide in class.” he said. 
Mr. Emanuel also mentioned how there is currently one student who is taking an online course through Pamoja, an online education platform that provides IB and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) courses. “As an onsite coordinator, I have access to all the assignments and submissions, and when anything ever comes up, they can contact me and I can facilitate them.” he said. 
While Mr. Emanuel would be able to assist students with troubles on the navigation and management of the Pamoja courses,  online courses should also be taking place outside of TAS, and the most difficult part would be to find support resources. Mr. Emanuel said, “it is sometimes difficult to know who to ask for help, how approachable a teacher might be, whereas when you’re in class and you can ask teacher’s questions. But overall I think it’s quite a good experience.”