A must-visit attraction in Taiwan: Elephant Trunk Rock



Elephant Trunk Rock (Shen’Ao) is located in Ruifang District, New Taipei City and is approximately an hour drive away from Taipei. 
This natural rock formation resembles the head and trunk of an elephant, and is surrounded by beautiful clear turquoise water. 
Once you reach Shen’Ao fishing harbor, there is a parking lot near the Elephant Trunk Rock trail. You can even buy drinks and snacks from the food vendors in the area after your hike!
To see the Elephant Trunk Rock, you have to take a short 10 minute hike through the beach. From the beach, you can see Keelung Mountain and popular tourist spot, Jiufen Old Street. Although the hike is quite short, the trail can be quite rocky and slippery, so walk carefully!
From the top of the hill, with the Elephant Trunk Rock and ocean as your backdrop, you can take your Instagram-worthy pictures. Although you could previously walk on top of the Elephant Trunk Rock itself, recent measures have closed the area off. However, the scenery is breath-taking and is definitely worth visiting!