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Get in touch with nature at Daan Forest Park


Around a forty minute drive from Tianmu, Daan Forest Park is one of the most famous public parks situated in the urban district of Taipei. The park is filled with trees and endless fields of grassland. 
For those who want to take a break from school, here is a Daan Forest Park to-do list to reconnect with nature.
Have your own picnic
Whether it is with friends or family, buying a few snacks from your local convenience store, and setting up a picnic at Daan park is not only an affordable but also picture-worthy activity to do. 

Run on the outer rim of the park
Although the park has many grassland areas, the red running track that encircles the outer border of the park is a great opportunity to get some exercise during the summer. The running track is known to be specially designed to allow runners to not be running on a rock hard surface, which eases the runner’s strain on the foot.
Read a book underneath some shade 
Summer is the perfect time to self improvement and self educate oneself. Reading in the quiet areas of Daan park can be a healing activity to do. This activity allows you to get in touch with nature while reading and gaining new knowledge.

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