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I got a lashlift and my lashes have never looked better


My lashes were never completely straight; however, if I wanted to curl my lashes, I had to manually do it with a lash-curler everyday. After hearing that would pull out my lashes, I decided to try a Keratin Lash Lift. A lash lift procedure gives people a more defined and curled lashes starting from the base to the tip of your lashes. 
During the process, the lash artist will use an adhesive like a lash glue to attach silicone rod covered in keratin formula to your eyelids. Then, they will comb your lashes up and glue it to the silicone rod to retain the shape. Next, the perming solution, which aims to soften the hair, is applied. Following this, a setting lotion is applied to your lashes which hardens your lashes to lock-in the shape. During this time, customers may choose to begin their add-ons process which includes tinting. 
Perfect for a no-makeup look 
Another popular eyelash procedure is lash extensions. Extensions add volume, curl and length to your lashes. People with naturally shorter lashes and want a more wide-eyed look should go with lash extensions; people who want a more natural look, a lash lift is a great choice. Oftentimes, when people go from using extensions to lash lifts, it can be underwhelming as it is not as dramatic. However, although lash lifts do not add any length to your natural lashes, the curl makes it look longer. 
Furthermore, lash lifts are way easier to keep up with compared to extensions. Not only does getting a lfit take nearly half as long as extensions(lift: 1-1.5 hours; extensions: 2-3 hours), the after-care is also extremely easy. Whereas lash extensions require you to be gentle with the area when you wash your face, sleep and do your makeup, lash lifts only require you to be careful during the 24 hours following your appointment to allow your lashes to fully set.  
Ultimately, for people who prefer a more natural and easy look, lash lift is the way to go. 

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