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REVIEW | The Happiness Lab: A life changing podcast on ways to find happiness


“Our minds are constantly telling us what to do to be happy, but what if our minds are wrong? What if our minds are lying to us, leading us away from what will really make us happy?”
In today’s fast paced society, people often struggle to find a sense of balance in their lives, and can often feel unsatisfied and overwhelmed with everything going on around them. Mental health illnesses are on the rise across all ages, and it seems as if happiness is getting more and more out of reach, especially among teenagers and young adults. In 2019, twice the number of young people are in psychological distress compared to just 10 years prior.  
“The Happiness Lab”, a podcast series by Dr. Laurie Santos, a cognitive scientist and professor of psychology at Yale University, explores the psychological research behind happiness. She talks about how people are trying to achieve happiness in the wrong ways and gives expert advice on how you can improve your own well-being.  
The podcast is a condensed version of a highly popular class Dr. Laurie Santos teaches at Yale University, called “Psychology and the Good Life.” In her podcast, Santos discusses topics such as the effects of technology, economics, social media and academic pressure on our happiness.
The podcast includes interviews with top scientists and experts in the psychological field of happiness and well-being, as well as the latest research and discoveries. With specific guides on how to achieve happiness in and with your life, this podcast is a very trustworthy source to learn from. 
As a current high school student, I found this podcast to be incredibly helpful and eye-opening. The podcast has taught me so much about the ways in which happiness can be attained and shared, many of which are contrary to common belief. 
We often think that happiness is getting an A+ in our class, winning the lottery, getting that summer body, or being accepted into our dream college. But in reality, these achievements are not what will give us long-term happiness in life. 
There is so much we can learn from this podcast, which is why I would definitely recommend everyone, especially all high school students, to give it a listen. 
With so many students going through high levels of pressure, this podcast can be an influential guide on ways you can navigate the stress of high school without sacrificing your personal happiness. 

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