You have been diagnosed with Senioritis



By Mehek B. (’21)
Every year, high schoolers are affected by an intense waves of laziness, stress, lack of motivation, and more stress. Yet, the seniors seem to welcome this dismissive attitude — some would even go to the lengths to call it a pandemic that a myriad of 12th-graders suffer from all over the world. With the uncertainty of college admissions and life ahead, in the midst of COVID-19, is the Class of 2021 at risk of a change in mindset when it comes to academics and school-life?
Having seen the way the coronavirus influenced the latter part of the Class of 2020’s senior year and starting off the new school year in masks, the unpredictability of this year may scare the students. For athletes, it means playing with a mask that restricts your breathing and movement, and realizing your final IASAS tournament may get canceled. For performers, it means waiting for your entire high school career to end up on-stage acting, singing and dancing with a mask, and being unable to express your art to the best of your ability.
Unfortunately, the list does not end here. 
Will we get our last frolic? Our last (and only) prom? What about our senior lock-in?
In the grand scheme of things, potentially missing out on creating certain memories with our friends is irrelevant considering how fortunate we are to be living in Taiwan, where we are actually able to go to school. However, at this current moment, being uncertain whether we will be able to carry through with the traditions of senior year is a great source of sadness for some.
All of this, on top of the work assigned regarding college applications, can decrease the inner-motivation amongst seniors as our first-year of university may differ from what we may have dreamed about. Especially if we have to maintain social distancing and begin the year with virtual learning. 
While we continue grinding through our final year at high school, the terms, pressures, and motivations have altered. A year ago, no one could have suspected that we would be experiencing a modern version of the black plague, but here we are, persevering through the last stretch. It may seem impossible but it is important to keep our aspirations for college and life ahead once we start adulting in mind as we continue through this unforeseeable year.