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Victor Kuan: boxing as an outlet for stress


Alumus Victor Kuan (‘20) was first introduced to boxing over summer break when he took 12 private boxing lessons in California. Even since landing his first punch during a sparring session with his coach, Victor knew that boxing was a sport he wanted to pursue. 
During his first sparring session, Victor lost to his coach within minutes. He also struggled to  maintain his stamina. “I could only last for about three minutes,” Victor said. “I was sweating and I could barely continue, so at the end, I was basically running off of adrenaline.”
Although his quick loss may sound discouraging to many, to Victor it was a symbol of power and strength. “I had just started boxing and I could land a punch on my coach who is a professional boxer,” Victor said. “Although I did not win and was exhausted, I felt great afterward.” 
Since those initial 12 private lessons, Victor has been training individually in the school gym and at Taipei Mixed Martial Arts (TMMA) in Daan. “Sometimes I’ll just go to the gym and practice on the punching bag,” Victor said. “It’s a good workout and it’s convenient.” 
As someone who used to play badminton, Victor has had experience learning how to control his power and the importance of footwork before he first started boxing. “Both sports require players to learn footwork and be quick on their feet,” Victor said. “Plus badminton players are taught to learn to control their swing and power, which helped me learn how to deliver a straight, strong punch.” 
Being a senior, boxing is one of the most prominent outlets of stress for Victor. “Just being in the gym and getting a quick boxing workout works as a great stress outlet,” Victor said. “For those who are currently looking for a good outlet for releasing stress or emotions, I would recommend boxing.” 

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