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Bring your pets to Nordic Pet Hotel Pool for some swimming


Located in Taipei City Songshan District, Nordic Pet Hotel Pool is one of the most well-known locations in Taipei City that provides dog-owners and their four-legged friends a variety of pet-friendly amenities, including showers, swimming lessons, daycare sessions and even oil massages.
Nordic Pet Hotel aims to alleviate pet owners from the external stress of caring for their pets and maintaining work or school activities; they welcome customers to drop off and pick up their pets whenever suitable. Run by certified dog trainers and groomers, dog owners can leave their pets at Nordic Pet Hotel with certainty that their dogs are being treated with the best care possible.
“It is not always easy to manage everything as a mother of three and dog owner of two, so dropping off my dogs for a quick swim is really helpful at times,” customer of two years Jenny Wang Chen said. “Plus it is great exercise for the dogs, swimming is something different from just the average walk.”
Before every swimming session, dogs must fast for four hours to prevent possible vomiting. If a dog vomits while swimming, dog owners must pay a fee to cleanse and disinfect the pool.
At Nordic, every dog signed up for a swimming session is accompanied by a trainer and given a complementary shower afterwards. Additionally, dog owners can choose to purchase other package deals, including daycare, hotel services and spa treatments.
“Once, just for fun, I purchased an oil massage for my poodle Donut,” Mrs. Wang Chen said. “Nordic did a great job, it’s no surprise though, because they also give thorough dog showers.”
After several swimming sessions, the Nordic trainers will allow friendly dogs to swim together. Dog owners can also expect several videos and photos of their swimming dogs.
“My favorite thing that Nordic does is send me videos of my dogs swimming,” Mrs. Wang Chen said. “It keeps me in the loop of everything, and it is absolutely adorable to see the dogs swimming and making new friends.”

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