Middle school camp Taiwan is postponed due to COVID-19

Middle school camp Taiwan is postponed due to COVID-19

Victoria H. ('24)

Middle school Camp Taiwan was a memorable experience for all that have gone before. From living in a cabin to building a two-person tent and living in it for a week, Camp Taiwan is a trip no one forgets. In previous years, middle school students would have already traveled to other areas of Taiwan, namely Kenting for sixth-graders, Tainan for seventh-graders and Fulong for eighth-graders. 

However, for both safety reasons and due to the fact that COVID-19 is still a risk, the Middle School administration has decided to reschedule Camp Taiwan. Camp Taiwan is all about teaching students how to survive without technology and learning new skills. Many activities that take place during camp are things that students normally take masks off for, for instance, biking and kayaking. This means that masks will likely be off most of the time, opening up possibilities for changes in the camp’s agenda. “I’m excited for [camp] and it’s definitely going to be a different experience from my previous years.” Noah H. (‘25) said.

Looking back at camp Taiwan, Danielle Y. (‘24) loved sharing her cabin with her friends and having more time outside of academics to socialize. “Something [camp Taiwan] had given me, was the opportunity to be a leader because we weren’t in a controlled environment like a classroom. ” Danielle said. 

Understandably, camp might not have been the best experience for everyone. Whether good or bad, lessons were learned from camp Taiwan. “I think an important lesson that everyone should know is to not wear glasses when you go to camp. My glasses tan was so bad [after camp].” Sara C. (‘23) said.