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How to set up your ipad pro


Get a magic keyboard

Apple has especially designed the magic keyboard to be easily portable and easy to bend and fold when paired with an ipad pro. Something to look out for when buying the magic keyboard is the size dimensions, as the size of your ipad pro will have to be the same as your keyboard. Therefore, if you are used to typing on a more spaced out keyboard, than the 12.9 inch ipad pro magic keyboard would be the best option.

Get a (paperlike) screen protector

Although screen protectors are often seen as not significant when getting electronics, it is one of the most crucial differences when you spend hours drawing on your ipad pro. I personally recommended the Paperlike screen protector that can be bought on Amazon or other online platforms. This screen protector allows your ipad screen to feel just like a piece of paper, and the surface is smooth enough to draw on with your apple pencil. This screen protector also allows you to get rid of stains or fogginess on the screen. 

Get an apple pencil 

One of the most valuable purchases along with an ipad pro is an apple pencil. There is often a misconception that one should only purchase an apple pencil if they are drawing professionally on an ipad. That is not the case. Apple pencils are easy to carry around (as they easily stick to the side of your ipad) and provide a fast reaction time when you directly draw onto the ipad screen. One of the cons of buying an apple pencil is the easily damaged tips on the pencil itself. Therefore, other than purchasing the apple pencil, one would have to buy a new tip once the original tip the apple pencil comes with is worn out. 

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