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Adulting 101: TAS prepares students for life after graduation


“Adulting 101” is an annual teaching event which consists of a wide range of courses designed to help seniors transition into an independent lifestyle after high school. With a wide variety of classes available, students can choose to learn how to change tires, tie a tie, cook, do laundry and more. 

Keeping the mental health of seniors in mind, this program was created as an alternative to exams to ensure that they have time to relax while applying to colleges. 

“[The seniors] need a break because they were stressed out with their academic load,” Upper School Director of Academic and Personal Counseling Mr. Ryan Haynes said. “Especially with it being the end of the first semester, having to find colleges as well.” Recently, there have been conversations regarding including other students into the program, and incorporating some of the ideas in classes. Nevertheless, it is still in the talking stages, especially with expectations that parents are teaching and initiating similar conversations at home with their children. 

“We talk about school being a partnership,” Mr. Haynes said. “Many of these topics should be taught at home, especially in terms of doing laundry, ironing and preparing a meal.” 

Depending on the course, the classes range from 30 minutes to two hours. The event also includes two mandatory courses on consent and third culture identity that last for two hours each. 

Designed to spread awareness about critical topics for students going to colleges and universities in the United States, these mandatory courses provide insight into the difficulties and differences students may experience and witness outside of Taiwan. 

“I think that if we are truly helping to shape and prepare students for life beyond TAS, we need to be building on [the subjects taught during Adulting 101] every year from the time they step into upper school,” Upper School English Teacher Ms. Megan Frazier said. “It should not be until the very last moment that we try to cram all of this knowledge in.”

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