The Blue & Gold presents three school-friendly applications



As this semester comes to a close, keeping up with homework and other assignments can be a difficult task for a lot of students. Having an app to help you organize all your assignments can be especially helpful during this stressful time of year. 

Taskade, a free multifunction app meant to make our lives easier, is perfect for keeping ourselves organized. Taskade can be used as a website, extension or an app on your computer or phone. It has lots of options for you to choose from to help you achieve different goals. The format is clear as everything is color coded with small symbols there to help you. 

Downloading the app and learning how to use it is simple. The quick sign up process only requires your email and username. When you first create an account, it will automatically take you to a short guide of all the basic functions in a “To-Do List” format. 

You can also explore the different templates provided, each with different objectives such as brainstorming, note taking and making goals. This app can also be used by teachers when organizing meetings. In this case, “meeting agenda” is recommended for this job. You can always open a blank template to customize your own design that best suits what you are doing. 

As a student, knowing when something is due and having a to-do list of all your assignments is really important. Luckily, this app can do both. You can set a due date for each task you create which will show up in the general calendar. Looking at a calendar, you can see all your tasks and when they are due. This is beneficial to those people that prefer to look at a calendar instead of a list. 

I personally use the “To-Do List” function the most in school. This simple format can clearly show what assignments you have left for each subject. If you want, you can change the text or color of the titles to make each subject more obvious and organized. I like to rearrange the tasks from most important to least so I know what my priority is. The tasks are always adjustable in terms of their order so if you change your mind, you can easily change it. 

A unique tool this app provides is a collaboration tool. This allows you to collaborate with other people as you can share your lists or templates with each other. You can also assign tasks by tagging them next to the section. There is also a feature that enables communication by texting or calling in the chat box on the side. This can make discussing more effective. 

Overall, this app serves up to its purpose and I would truly recommend students and teachers to download it. I, as a student myself, have found this app really helpful and used it throughout my school years to take notes and to keep track of my assignments. This app really helps me stay on task as it allows me to prepare beforehand for my next assignment.