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Game-changing Google applications all students must try


Google Keep

4 / 5 stars

Google Keep makes note-taking easy. [PHOTO COURTESY OF GOOGLE KEEP]

Google Keep is an excellent note-taking application created to help users capture ideas, manage “To-Do lists” and doodle handwritten notes.The service can be connected to various devices, and even comes in an app form that can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile phones. 

Users can also customize their notes through changing color, adding checkboxes, attaching images and much more. 

“Using Google Keep’s customizable sticky notes helps me arrange my tasks easily,” student Tyler Chen (‘21) said. “I have a ‘To-Do List’ for my homework which I arrange in the form of checkboxes, a ‘General List’ that I present with bullet points, and a ‘Meeting Reminders’ list for the meetings I have during the week.” 

Along with its note-taking service, Google Keep also provides users with a “Reminders” tab to jot down important dates or meetings. 

“The reminders tab has been very helpful to me,” Tyler said.

After downloading Google Keep, many students find that they are less likely to forget homework assignments or projects with due dates. 

“Google Keep is a really good tool that just keeps me on track of school at all times,” student Nicole Scheidel said. “Honestly, I think all TAS students should consider using it because it is truly a very helpful app.”

Google Calendar

4 / 5 stars

Google Calendar has various calendar sizes. [PHOTO COURTESY OF GOOGLE CALENDAR]

Google Calendar is a time-management and scheduling tool available on both iPhones and Android devices. The application syncs with a user’s Google account, and creates an automatic calendar that is fitting around the individual’s work meetings and plans. 

For example, if a student schedules a meeting with their counselor through Calendly or YouCanBookMe, Google Calendar will mark the conference accordingly.

“Whenever I have a meeting, Google Calendar is really good at keeping track of it,” Tyler said. “It could definitely be used to help students and people, in general, who are forgetful.” 

The calendar is also linked to a user’s email, and can automatically create dates and meeting times. For instance, if a student emails their personal counselor for a meeting, Google Calendar will place a time for the meeting instinctively.

“Google Calendar is super useful and easy to use,” Tyler said. “For all other calendars, you have to manually put in events. Google Calendar is different because you can simply rely on it to know what you are doing.”

Google Calendar also has a ‘Birthdays’ function for individuals to log the birthdays of loved ones and friends.  

“It’s a little silly, but pretty useful if you think about it,” Tyler said. “I know people who have almost forgotten a birthday, and were saved by their Google Calendar.” 

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