National Taichung Theater: the best architectural phenomenon that showcases musicals



The National Taichung Theater is located in the center of Taichung, just a nine minute walk from the high speed rail Taichung station. Many local visitors attend musicals or performances that take place within the theater. It has become not only a landmark but one of the most famous performance theaters in Taiwan. As one walks through the theater itself, there are some special features that draw one’s attention, like the interior wall design and lighting. 

Interior Walls

The walls of the theater are made up of rough marble materials which allows the building itself to hold its structure even when various levels of earthquakes strike. The surface of the wall is spiky and if one were to lean against it, the fabric of one’s clothing may be ripped. Although the touch of the wall may not appeal to many, the material is one of the contributing factors as to why the building is so well structured. 

Lighting Design

The lighting of the theater’s interior is specifically placed in different locations in order to best utilize both natural sunlight as well as the already built structure of the building to accentuate the features of the architecture itself. The outdoor lighting is specially designed to transform into a light show that only takes place at night when most visitors arrive to enjoy performances at the theater. 

The level of detail put into the architectural aspect of the theater further defines why the National Taichung Theater is loved by locals as well as foreign visitors. The building’s structures better enhance a visitors enjoyment of the performance by providing a comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere.