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Conversations in these isolated times


The COVID-19 pandemic was officially declared on the last day of 2019, since then everyone had to quarantine and social distance with each other. Isolation also comes with loneliness. According to the COVID-19 resource center, depression rates have increased 3-fold higher during the COVID-19 pandemic than before. As isolation distances us apart from each other, it is important to maintain a healthy conversation, both literally with others as well as mentally with yourself. Continuously checking up on how people around you are feeling can increase conversations and interaction as well. Here are some steps to take if you feel lost and isolated: 

Start conversations

Although this is easier said than done, starting conversations with those around you or video calling those who care about you can allow one to open up. Appearing vulnerable in front of those who you care about helps strengthen a friendship or bond, conversations can only be effective if one chooses to reach out and continue the interaction. 

Find a passion

Isolation from family and friends may leave one feeling lost and confused, many of the past obligated duties one has to complete may not be the same anymore. Therefore, using this time for yourself and taking the time to explore your personal interests can help one with self confidence and self appreciation.

Appreciate the little things

In our digitally reliant society, there is never a moment where one can pause and take in the everyday occurrences in life. Even if it is to notice the snail that always inches farther and farther away from your windowsill or noticing a sibling’s interest and taking part in helping him or her on their passion-seeking journey. Appreciating little things in life can lead to more enjoyment of the events that happen in an isolated environment.

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Laura H. ('22), Managing Editor + Opinions/Verdict Section Editor
Laura Hsu, a senior at Taipei American School, is the Managing Editor and Opinions/Verdict Section Editor for the Blue & Gold. She is from Vancouver, but has stayed in Taipei for as long as she can remember. Laura can often be found taking film photos whenever she can.

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