Six track & field school records broken this year


Although track & field season was shorter than previous years (from February 17 to April 1) it ended with a total of six school records broken. Typically, there would be an Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS) competition at the end of the season. This year, however, there were two Tiger Classic events. The first “Tiger Classic” was from March 12-13, and different schools all over Taiwan came to compete. “Tiger Classic 2.0” took place from March 25 – 26, and the track & field team was split into a blue and a gold team. 


The track & field athletes broke a total of six records. During the original Tiger Classic, Maud Zwaenepoel (‘22, she/her), who has been doing track & field since her freshman year, broke Jessica Tiao’s (‘19) 400-meter hurdle record with a time of 66.13 seconds. Additionally, she broke her own 100-meter hurdle record with a time of 15.58 seconds. Later on in the season during the Tiger Classic 2.0, Maud broke her 100-meter hurdle record yet again with a time of 15.44 seconds. 


“I think this season I was just really mentally focused and prepared,” Maud said. Maud also feels that listening and training with her coach helped her perfect her hurdling skill and form this season. 


William Chen (‘21) broke the 110-meter hurdle record with a time of 15.55 seconds which was previously held by Jeffrey Yu (‘17). Prior to his race, William’s goal was to break the record, which he evidently succeeded in doing. 


With a time of 10.97 seconds, Max Lin (‘23) broke the record for the 100-meter dash, which was held for 15 years by Jon Lin (‘06). Max just completed his second year of track & field and he hopes to continue breaking records. 


Maya Rosenshield (‘21, she/her), a thrower on varsity track & field, broke her first record in her freshman year, throwing 33.33 meters in javelin. Eventually, she broke the discus record as well but struggled to break the shot put record. “I knew she could throw over 10 meters but she wasn’t able to do it the last three seasons,” Co-coach of the track & field team Mr. Julian Thornbury said. “When she finally broke that record, that was huge.” 


This year, Maya threw a distance of 10.11 meters in shot put, breaking a school record. Maya also broke the discus record this season, which she already held. She threw 30.40 meters.  


“Freshman year after I broke the javelin record, I realized that I had potential and I started working really hard,” Maya said, expressing how much motivation she felt to work harder throughout her four years of track.  


“I think the thing that I’m most proud of is the dedication and hard work they put into improving,” Mr. Thornbury said.