Hikes to explore during summer break


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been unable to travel due to the many existing travel restrictions. These travel restrictions are set to continue during summer break, leaving many to find other enjoyable activities. One of these activities include hiking, so here are 4 hiking trails for you to try.


JunJianYan Trail 

Junjianyan hiking trail is ideal for trips with friends as its closest entrance is conveniently located ten minutes away from TAS by car. The hike is accessible from different paths such as the MRT Shipai station. The trail is pretty short and depending on your starting location, can take less than an hour.

At the top, there is a vast white rock with natural sandstone, with views that covers both rural and urban Taipei. It is easy to take good photos at the top because there is great lighting. Watching the sunrise and sunset from the summit is very beautiful with sweeping views of the city. The peak has a 117 meter elevation, but still offers a nice view. On weekends, there are more hikers which may make it more difficult to take photos. 


JinMianShan Trail 

The Jinmianshan trail is a fun hike that involves a bit of rock climbing. It is a rugged trail across forested hills, boulders and stony peaks overlooking the skyline and the countryside. It is one of the most adventurous trails in Taipei with steep rocks – perfect for someone looking for more of a challenge. The view at the summit of the mountain is gorgeous and refreshing. You will be able to see the Neihu and east Taipei areas. This route is very similar to the Elephant mountain trail in its large number of stairs and occasional crowds, but is more difficult.It takes around three hours to hike up and down the mountain, which is elevated at 818 meters. It is a nice hike that is easily accessible from the city. However, the trail gets very busy on weekends, so it is better to go as early as possible. 


ZhishanYan Trail 

This hike is a great place to walk around and explore as there is a  beautiful temple with nice city views. The hike is also easily accessible and suitable for all ages because of the relatively flat path. 

The trail offers a glimpse into Taiwan’s past. Along the trail are many reminders of Taiwanese history, including a raised walkway on which a military camp previously stationed. Throughout the trail is a nice scenery of nature with the large green trees. There are various starting points around the area, one of which is called the “120 steps”. For people who don’t like stairs as much there are also flatter paths around the area. The hike takes around half an hour and only has an 80 meter ascent. Because of the low ascent, the steps are not that steep and the trail is very easy to climb. 


Xiangshan Trail 

Xiangshan (Elephant Mountain) is a hiking trail located at the Southeast section of Xinyi District. This mountain is one of the Four Beasts Mountain, a cluster of wooded peaks on a low scenic ridge near Taipei 101. It is accessible from the Xinyi area, which has many shopping and food options nearby. 

Along the hike, there are explanatory sign boards providing information to visitors concerning the environment. The diversified cliff and slope provide for a wide variety of plants and wildlife. There are also multiple photo taking spots with the main one being the Six Giant Rocks, a popular tourist attraction. The peak has around a 183 meter elevation with a nice view of Taipei 101. Despite the open view at the top, most of the hike is shaded with trees making it perfect for the summer.