Vaccine rollout starts at TAS


Students received a COVID-19 Vaccination Record issued by the Centers for Disease Control after inoculations. (Sharon L./The Blue & Gold)

The vaccine rollout occured at TAS on Friday, Oct. 1. Students received the BioNTech (BNT162b2) COVID-19 vaccine. 


Every 15 minutes, around 30-40 students arrived at the Upper School Joie Gymnasium (USG) to receive their vaccination. Students were assigned to time slots according to their advisory. 


Upon arrival in the USG, students left their belongings in a designated area outside the USG. Then, they proceeded to check in by showing their TAS student identification card and National Insurance Card and getting their temperature taken. 


Before receiving a vaccination, the physicians present on campus conducted an initial evaluation and went over each students’ medical information. 


“If you have any medical conditions, [please discuss them] with your family doctor before getting the vaccine,” Nurse Grace Wang said. 


After receiving the shot, students were to stay in the USG for 30 minutes to ensure that there were no adverse reactions to the vaccination. Nurses and physicians were present in case of any discomfort or adverse reactions. 


Students received a vaccine aftercare sheet, which was made by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC), after receiving their vaccines. The CDC’s vaccine aftercare sheet reports common reactions to the vaccines including pain at injection site, headaches and fatigue, which is common among 63.9 percent of individuals aged 16 and older. 


Nevertheless, Nurse Wang encouraged people to relax and get the vaccine.