Interview with the cast of “Peter and the Starcatcher”


“Cast actors rehearsing in full costume” “A moving scene of Peter Pan soaring through the sky. Brought to life by the cast’s creativity. [AARON SOONG/THE BLUE & GOLD]

Something is out of the ordinary. A makeshift stage has been constructed right outside of H-Block. This year’s drama production, “Peter and the Starcatcher,” is the prequel to the notorious movie “Peter Pan.” Before the performance, the actors do their final preparations before walking out on stage. The backstage crew readily prepares the spotlights and speakers for when the show begins. 

This year, the drama production was held outdoors from Sept. 28 to Sept. 30 due to COVID-19 restrictions. This presented unique challenges for the cast and the backstage crew. For example, the spotlight and light board operators had to learn how to manage the lighting outdoors, and actors had to learn how to rehearse in a different environment outside the auditorium stage. Another challenge would be that the audience would be very close to the actors, which can be distracting to the actors during the performance.

However, despite these challenges, the cast still had high hopes. Through their tireless perseverance and preparation, the cast was able to put on a smooth performance.

Rehearsals for the production began on Aug. 11 and the cast had been dutifully perfecting the show’s every detail ever since. Every day, the cast would rehearse after school. Before each rehearsal, the stage manager, Isabel W. (‘22), would ensure that all cast members were present and the stage was prepared for the actors.

Ms. Kari Jensen, an upper school performing arts teacher and one of the production’s advisers, would lead the cast through each scene. 

With their performance, the cast hoped to bring a unique experience to their audience especially through interactions between the audience and the actors. Not to mention, the outdoor stage presented more new and entertaining ways for the actors to interact with the audience. The actors would often break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience while performing. For example, there was an iconic scene of Black Stache making his dramatic entrance towards the stage by dancing through the audience. 

“For the audience, it’s the first time they have experienced anything like [the actors interacting with them during the performance],” Isabel said.

But the most important thing for the cast was the bond they shared with each other and the audience. “I hope we can be a family and to entertain the audience while having fun,” Nathan S. (‘23), who played Prentiss, said. The whole cast hoped that through their effort, they could bring the TAS community closer and help alleviate the discouraging situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.