Should these shows leave the screen?


These famous shows have been going for years — should they continue? [ARIEL LEE/ THE BLUE & GOLD]

“Dancing with the Stars,” “The Voice!” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are one of the most notable shows that are still running. Now on their 30th, 21st, and 18th season, fans of the shows began to wonder if the shows should wrap up and drop their curtains.

Dancing With The Stars: Season 30

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) is an American dance competition TV show hosted by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC). Celebrities are asked to come on the show, where they are paired up with a professionally trained ballroom dance partner. Fan votes are added up with the judges’ scores to determine which couple will be eliminated each week. The 10-week long seasons conclude with the final couple winning the Mirrorball Trophy. This fall, the show began its 30th season and includes celebrities Youtuber and Social Media Personality Jojo Siwa, U.S. Olympic Gymnast Suni Lee and WWE Wrestler Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

Although DWTS gains some viewers from people who enjoy watching dance, the success of each season mainly relies on finding new and prominent celebrities who have substantial fan bases. In the initial 13 seasons of the show, U.S. viewership for the first episode fluctuated near 20 million. Since then, the numbers have been on a steady decline; season 30 had only 5.47 million viewers for the first episode.

One reason for the decline could be that a few seasons ago, the host Tom Bergeron left the show and was replaced by Tyra Banks, a change that many fans were upset about.

However, the show has been working towards acknowledging certain social topics. For example, this season Jojo Siwa is paired with another female partner, which marks the first time a same-sex couple has ever appeared on the show. DWTS also has themed dances; one of the themes this season was “Britney Week”, paying tribute to the singer Britney Spears and her songs.

The concept of the show has been successful and they have been trying to adapt to current pop culture; however, the lack of new and exciting celebrities is hindering its success. Typically, the show has one fall season and one spring season, meaning that they need to find approximately 30 celebrities who are willing to come on the show each year. Having longer breaks between seasons would generate more anticipation and increase viewership, but the show has not announced any official updates regarding changes in upcoming seasons.

The Voice!: Season 21

“The Voice!” is an American singing competition TV show on National Broadcasting Company (NBC), which premiered in 2011. The show opens with “Blind Auditions,” where each coach chooses 12 contestants to mentor throughout the entire show. Public voting narrows down contestants to a small group, where a winner is eventually declared.

Now on its 21st season, “The Voice!” judges include American singers Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, joined by new voice coach and American singer Ariana Grande.

The views of the show are steadily decreasing, reaching a new low every season. The 21st season premiere only had 7.22 million viewers, 0.69 million less than the previous season, which was the series low at the time, and 4.56 million less than the first season. Due to a decreasing number of views, NBC decided to only air one season a year instead of airing two seasons, as done in previous years, leaving fans to question about the future of the show and if the show should continue.

Despite the drop in viewership, “The Voice!” is still maintaining a strong fanbase. The average TV show viewership is 4.7 million, allowing “The Voice!” to remain as one of the popular TV shows with over seven million views per episode. The show also led NBC shows as the highest-rated program for the three consecutive weeks.

Additionally, “The Voice!” has invited a variety of celebrity artists to judge the competition every season in order to maintain the high viewership including Adam Levine, Christinia Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas, Alicia Keys, Shakira, Miley Cyrus and many other popular artists.

Due to her popularity in the music industry, new coach Ariana Grande’s impact on the show allows the viewership to maintain at a high level. Ariana’s presence in the show is noted as a breath of fresh air, enabling the coaches to interact and build relationships with each other. From the little arguments on which judge is going to win the show to the short-lived alliance during blind auditions, the dynamic between Ariana and Blake’s love-hate/grandfather-granddaughter relationship dynamic draws the audience in due to the ever-changing interactions.

Overall, although the views have significantly declined over the years, the producers of “The Voice!” have managed to find distinct ways to retain the viewership and to remain as one of the popular shows on NBC.

Greys Anatomy: Season 18

Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama television series shown on American Broadcasting Company (ABC), which first aired in 2005. The show follows the lives of surgical interns, residents and attendings as they develop into doctors while balancing personal and professional relationships. The show is in the middle of releasing it’s 18th season with only three characters who have consistently stayed on the show. Many of the actors from the original cast or even the early cast have left the show by being written off through deaths or other exits. The main character of the show, Dr. Meredith Grey, grows as a doctor in the medical world while also navigating her personal life.

As season 18 deals with the aftermath of the COVID-19 coronavirus, fans are wondering if and when the show should end. With season 17 of the show uniquely portraying the coronavirus situation in a consistent, believable and true manner, fans were also delighted with the surprise return of fan favorite characters. The show’s many viewers expected the show to continue to deliver with this season bringing back some of the past characters such as Meredith’s mother, Dr. Ellis Grey, and fan favorite Dr. Addison Mongomery, one of the most iconic characters from the early seasons of the show. Most true fans of “Grey’s Anatomy” won’t ever stop watching the show as long as it keeps renewing, but let’s take a look to see if the show really should end.

Since the start of the show, the show’s ratings have plummeted, in comparison to the rest of television, the ratings are still strong, as the second highest rated scripted show on TV. Viewership for the show still remains relatively strong with the opening episode of this season having a strong 4.77 million viewership.

Because the ratings and viewership remain high, there is the potential that the show runners will continue the show to build and develop the current relationships. New medical advancements are also being made every day as doctors and scientists work, these advancements could be implemented in the show, producing more timely and realistic storylines.

Many fans also feel that Meredith still has a lot more to accomplish in both her professional and personal life. On the other hand, there are also other arguments to be made as to why the show should end with the writers starting to run out of ideas, as themes keep repeating. Many fans want to continue to watch, but the repetition of ideas makes the show less interesting.