Resources provided by the USIC


The Upper School Information Commons (USIC) has extensive research outlets, with resources given to students regarding research, reading, current events and more. 

Resources can be found on the USIC’s website, where all resources can be accessed with Taipei American School (TAS) credentials. Additionally, Upper School Librarian Ms. Cassy Lee and K-12 eResources Librarian Ms. Jennifer Wile are available to assist students with navigating such resources. “If you want a resource, please just let us know and we can help you find it,” Ms. Wile said. 

“I’ve been really impressed with the extent of our database collection,” Ms. Lee said. “It’s like a college-level resource list.” 



PressReader offers students access to magazines and newspapers in more than 60 languages, ranging from the Washington Post, Global Asia, and Global News to international versions of Vogue and Harvard Business Review.  PressReader includes subscriptions to 7,209 full color magazines and newspapers. Students can access such magazines by downloading the PressReader app and login with their TAS credentials after selecting “Taipei American School.” 


New York Times Subscription 

The USIC provides students with a New York Times subscription, allowing for access to articles ranging from hard news to opinion articles. Students can log into their account using their TAS login. Subscriptions do need to be renewed annually. 



The USIC also provides students with online subscriptions to full color magazines including The Atlantic, Art News and National Geographic through Flipster. Students can log in with their TAS login to the Flipster App for use on mobile devices after entering their school name.   


The Economist Subscription 

Students can read about current affairs, international business and technology through their subscription to The Economist, which can be accessed from the USIC’s website.   



Along with the vast collection of print books available at the USIC, one of the Joanna Nichols Memorial Libraries, students can also access the USIC’s eBook collection. Students can search for specific ebooks or print titles through the USIC’s website search or the link to the Sora app as provided above. 

The Sora app, found on device app stores, allows students to read OverDrive eBooks and audiobooks on any device. The USIC’s eBook collection can also be explored there. 

Students may also request for unavailable books through the “Request Book Purchase form” under the Services tab on the USIC’s website. 


Academic Research 

Ms. Wile and Ms. Lee are also available to help students with academic research, whether it is for a history paper or the International Baccalaureate’s Extended Essay. 

The librarians assist students with research by showing evaluation techniques, explaining research methods, narrowing down topics and encouraging exploration. 

Students are also provided with academic research resources, including the thousands of academic journals, which can be found on the USIC’s website. 

Students are encouraged to book an appointment, stop by the USIC and chat with Ms. Lee or Ms. Wile for research assistance.