Museum of Flowers: An Innovative and Refreshing Experience


Located in a small alley in Xinyi District, the Museum of Flowers is a creative and innovative exhibition designed by the Deer Forest Experimental Flower Gallery Team. When you first arrive at the storefront, you are greeted by plastic slide doors that resemble a refrigerator door. This design is purposefully created to make it seem as though you are a flower that is being placed into a storage fridge. 

The Museum of Flowers is essentially composed of a small gallery exhibition area at the front of the store and a small immersive workshop that allows customers to personalize flower bouquets as souvenirs. There is also a flower boutique at the back of the store in which professionals carefully handcraft bouquets for customers. 

The goal of the exhibition is to display the fleeting beauty of flowers, and flowers put on display are often different as the museum replaces the exhibition with in-season flowers, providing the overall exhibition with a refreshing experience for customers. 

The ambiance of the space is calming with the interior consisting of gray cool-toned wallpaper, creating a cold but refreshing atmosphere. The variation of flowers hanging off plastic wrap displays creates the perfect backdrop for Instagram-worthy pictures. 

One downside, however, is that customers may only choose from a limited selection when hand making their bouquets, which can be a con for those who want more creative freedom. In this case, customers should consult with the florist to ask for more flower choices to individually purchase. 

Aside from flower selections, the store owner is also very welcoming and open to all customers who are interested in learning more about flowers. She discusses topics such as how to properly store flowers as well as how different types of flowers may wither or bloom depending on the season. Both the experience of touring the exhibition and creating flower bouquets were cohesive in allowing the customer to relish the beauty of flowers while feeling welcomed. 

Overall, I would recommend those who enjoy niche exhibitions to pay a visit to the Museum of Flowers. While the storefront may be difficult to find for first time visitors, its online presence plays a significant role in its promotional efforts. Therefore, I would suggest researching more about the museum online before visiting. 

If you are looking to spend your afternoon doing something interactive yet relaxing, the Museum of Flowers is the perfect choice.