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The battle between dan bing and pancakes

American Breakfast

rightoeous breakfast

Taiwanese breakfast:
My breakfast choice in the past was once a cup of orange juice and cereal. But after living with my grandpa in Taiwan for many years, I’m a convert. Now, my day starts with a cup of soymilk and you tiao, omelet with dan bing. I believe that eating like a Taiwanese can give you an understanding of Taiwan. Although many of my friends choose Western food over Asian food because they’re sick of the Asian food, I feel that Taiwanese breakfast is still the best choice because of its convenience and unique flavors.
Sometimes in the morning, when I’m running late for school, I will go to the local 7-11, since it is so convenient.Instead of sitting down to a Western-style breakfast, all I have to do is pull out my easy card and I have a fan tuan or a boiled tea egg to-go. This is my idea of heaven. Not only super tasty, Asian breakfasts also have health benefits because they normally contain less fat. American-style breakfasts often have very unhealthy cereals, such as Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms, which all contain a high amount of sugar. This is not an issue for Asian breakfasts. The rice in a fan tuan has a high fiber content so it can help speed up the digestion process. It also helps me stay full and focused in class.
God has given us this great opportunity to live in an Asian environment, so why not eat what Taiwan provides before regretting it after graduation? My sister, who lives in Canada, complains about the horrible “fake” food in China Town. She regrets the fact that she didn’t enjoy Taiwanese breakfast snacks when she had the chance to. For me it’s fun, because then I can take a lot of pictures of Taiwanese food and send it to her.
Anyways, my point is, eat as much Taiwanese food as you can before graduation or you’ll regret it when you’re far, far away.

-Jodelle L.

American breakfast:

Are you kidding me? The American breakfast is way awesomer than the Taiwanese breakfast. Hands down. Who the heck wants to drink soybean milk and chomp on oily, cholesterol-soaked you-tiaos? Bacon strips, cheese, pancakes, and eggs all the way. Yummy. I will explain to y’all three reasons why the ‘murican breakfast is the ultimate breakfast.
First off, your belly actually feels completely satisfied when you eat an American breakfast. Creamy scrambled eggs, layered with healthy, healthy, bacon, sided with syrup-drippin’  pancakes and a mountain  of mashed potatoes will obviously fill your bodily needs until at least 10:30a.m. Taiwanese foods just taste completely bland in the morning, subsequently ruining the rest of your day. Seriously? A fan tuan?
Next, the ‘murican breakfast can be eaten at any time. Most Taiwanese breakfast shops only open in the morning, but the American breakfast is available at any time and is good at any time. This makes the American breakfast enjoyable 27/7. Just come back from the nightclub and hungry? Eat bacon strips and eggs. Don’t really know what to eat as an afternoon snack? Syrup-lathered pancakes with an Americano Coffee will fulfill your needs. This obviously makes the American breakfast better in every way because it‘s accessible.
Last but not least, this is an American School. Or did I miss the school signage when I arrived this morning? It’s not Taipei Armenian School, nor Taipei Azerbaijani School! In order to be a true American, you need to eat like an American. Eating the Taiwanese breakfast is frowned upon, especially by our buff Dr Hartzell. If he catches you eating at a Taiwanese breakfast shop, he will punch you in your rapidly expanding stomach. Not only that, he will also put you on social probation, and if he catches you eating the Taiwanese breakfast again, it’s expulsion.
There’s a reason why you-tiaos are called oil sticks. Not only will the Taiwanese breakfast make you morbidly obese, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, you’ll get an oil slick in your veins.  ‘Murica all the way!

-Vergil H.

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