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News Bite: Teachers Talk Teenage Years

Ever wonder what your teachers were like as teenagers? Now you can know! We went around and asked some teachers what they were like as teenagers.
Mr Maguire – “I was a pain. When I was a freshman in highschool, my French teacher hated me because I never went to class.”
Mr Coburn-Palo – “I was that geeky kid who walked to school reading a book and tripped over his feet and fell into a ditch.”
Mr Vandenboom– “I had long hair. I think I was asserting some independence at the time, but it was just a phase I went through, which was fine.”
Dr Bayntun– “Well, I was Canadian, so I don’t know if the question is even relevant at that point. Canada doesn’t have teenagers, we hatched out of our ice shell.”
Dr Storch – “I was brave enough to talk to girls.”
Ms Hogan– “I don’t remember, I blocked that phase.”
Mr Uhlman – “I was the kid that paid attention and did all of my homework at school and during lunch so when I got home from school I could screw around and watch TV.”
Ms Costanzo – “I was very involved in StuGov. I was class president junior year and student body president senior year.”
Mr Hanes– “I was the kind of kid who did all of my homework at the last minute…my math teacher only collected homework every two weeks, and I did all of the the morning before.”
Ms Taylor– “My parents were very strict. The only way I could do things that weren’t at home or school was to be on a school-related trip, so I was involved in any club or activity that involved some sort of trip during the year: Model UN, Future Problem Solving, Math Team, Forensics…”
Mr O’Rourke– “I was actually head prefect at my school, and my parents owned a sports shop. We lived on a beach so I went swimming every day too. I had a very good teenage life.”
Mr Montgomery – “I was engaging and hilarious, and in no way awkward. I was actually not that different, I was pretty nerdy and pretty athletic.”
Mr Franklin – “Same same but different.”

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