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Check these iPads out!


Don’t have an iPad? Want something which’ll let you browse the Internet freely – something that is a hundred times more portable than our Lenovos? Well, you’re in luck. With Anthony L. programming, students will now be able to check iPads out of the library, to use around the school. The system will be operated like a library borrowing system so if you’re going to hog the iPads… well, let’s just say Dr Hartzell will send his regards.
According to Anthony, the program will be written in the C programming language, and the check out system through Java, as an Android app. An Android device will be used to document the borrowing records. Anthony says that “people will now be able to check iPads out of the library through my system.”
However, students will still not be allowed to take these iPads home – they will only be restricted to the Legacy Commons. These library iPads will have access to the school Wi-Fi, so fast Internet browsing is ensured. Some of the apps that will be included are YouTube, Blackboard, Quizlet, Prezi, Google Earth, Wolphram Alpha, and many more.
“We hope the iPads will really help provide a more interesting way of learning.”
Not only are these apps for entertainment, a lot of them can also help with homework productivity. Barry C. states that there will be a charging station within the Legacy Commons with around ten chargers, and a tech team nearby that will make sure the iPads are fully functional. Barry also said that the Honor Code will be tied into these iPads, making sure that nobody abuses this privilege – if someone forgets to log out of specific accounts for these iPads, then others should just log out of their respective accounts (ie Facebook, Twitter, Powerschool). iPads will be available from when school starts until the end of the school day, 3:35 pm.

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