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Fitness tips from our resident Tiger Trainers


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Meet Ms Sullivan, athletic trainer at the Tiger health and wellness center. She works with injured TAS athletes, providing rehabilitation and also strength conditioning from time to time. According to Ms Sullivan, the one thing that you have to bring when going to the fitness centre is a good positive attitude. Also, for the busy bees out there, the biggest tip she can offer is to come up with a plan before you go to the fitness centre. If you fear that planning it yourself may result in you sprawled across the floor at the end of workout sessions, go talk to her, or any of the other fitness coaches. They will be more than happy to come up with a plan for you. Lost or unsure about how to go about using the state of the art equipment? Ask for a quick overview! It never hurts to ask. Never be embarrassed about going into the fitness center! “Find a friend with the same goals, come in together and tell the coaches your goals,” says Ms Sullivan.
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Next, meet Mr Mitchell, the head strength and conditioning coach. He works with students to create fitness programs that focus on the physical fitness of individuals. Breakfast is the key here. If you are going to be exercising, you need to eat plenty of food, and breakfast is especially important. Sleep is also equally important! Never put unnecessary stress on your body by sleeping at midnight everyday. Always ensure that you get plenty of rest. Another thing that you should do is an hour of physical activity everyday to keep in shape. Consistency is really important! Do not exercise for for an hour on Monday and then three hours on Thursday just because you have not been exercising in between those two days.

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