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Teachers give love advice

Can you get a PhD in love? Well, some of our teachers are doctors of romance and aren’t afraid to give us advice!
Keeping the love alive?
“Remember the words: ‘Yes dear, you’re right!’ For bonus points, add ‘and I am wrong.’ Get his and hers calculators. Graph cardioids together for Valentine ’s Day. Set your phone to send regular auto texts so they know you care. Declare your dedication as an infinite limit. Observe their calculator status: the level of care they put into calculator maintenance is directly proportional to the care they will show you.”  – The Math Office
Conversation starters?
“What I would do if I was still on the dating scene, which thankfully I am not, is that I would stalk them on Facebook and figure out what they like to do, and then I would pretend I have the same views and interests and use that as a conversation starter.”  – Mr O’Rourke
Where to go for that first date?
“First date, you want to act really cool, really suave and you want to go bowling with a group of people. It’s safer that way. If you want to get the person’s attention, instead of bowling the ball down the alley, you want to throw it backwards at them – so they jump out of the way like it’s Wii. That starts the conversation and if you do that, you’re in. -Mr Maguire
 Your love interest ignores you in the hallway?
“Lie to them as much as you can and stare at them constantly to show them how much you love them. Have heart-to-heart discussions with their mother and always remember to smell nice and stay clean!” – Ms Cheng

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  • M

    Michael GrandeFeb 19, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    You asked Mr. Maguire and Mr. O’Rourke for advice on love/romance/dating??? Really? Did everyone else have the day off?