TAS makes history at 2014 IASAS Cultural Convention


TAS had another outstanding performance at Cultural Convention.  For the second year in a row, we won five medals and led the medal count.  To add to that, TAS took 11 of the 28 possible finalists spots, which was also unmatched at the tournament.  If you see the following students, please congratulate them:
Impromptu Speaking
Finalist – Eric L. (10)
Finalist – Justin R. (10)
Extemporaneous Speaking
Finalist – Richard J. (12)
Finalist – Jeremiah H. (9)
Bronze medal – Rebecca P. (11)
Original Oratory
Finalist – Justin R. (10)
Finalist – Eli M. (10)
Gold medal – Juliana C. (11)
Oral Interpretation
Silver medal – Eli M. (10)
Gold medal – Anjoli G. (10)
Gold medal – Elaine C. (12), Georgia H. (12), Anny S. (12), Byron C. (10), and Aaron G.(9)
Please visit the 2014 IASAS Debate and Forensics website for more videos, photos, and results!